Russ and Lynn are both second generation missionaries. Lynn was reared in the mountains of Kentucky where her dad, Evertie Moore, went as a home missionary in 1961. Russ’ family went to the Cayman Islands as missionaries, when Russ was a young man, and he spent his high school years helping in that ministry.

Russ and Lynn met at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN and were married in 1975.  Lynn graduated in 1976, and after Russ’ graduation in 1977 they made application for missionary service in Costa Rica. They were duly accepted and began deputation. Thirteen months later, on November 13, 1978, the Turners arrived in Costa Rica and began Spanish language school right after Christmas of that year. During the time of language study, they worked in another missionary’s church in Heredia, Costa Rica.

In 1981, after finishing language school, the Turners moved to Limón on the Caribbean coast and began the Los Corales Baptist Church. They rented a piece of property and built a temporary building of wood framing and tin roof. Many people were saved and baptized during their four years of ministry there. The church was able to purchase another piece of property, and Russ helped them build a cement block building where the church meets today. They have their own national pastor and have started other mission works.

In 1985, the Turners moved to San Ramon and began Calvary Baptist Church. They have resided in this town of 150,000 for the past 32 years and started four other mission churches from the main church in San Ramon.  Students were trained in the Bible Institute to preach, teach Sunday school, lead singing, and evangelize. These are the people who work in the mission churches. Calvary Baptist also sponsored a daily radio program “Victory in Jesus” which reached out to surrounding towns and homes.  The Turner’s ministry has involved youth camps, pastors conferences, evangelism outreach, tract distribution, construction of sister churches, and supporting Latin missionaries who serve in other countries.

The Turners have three children who were raised and home-schooled in Costa Rica.   All three have gone on to graduate from college and graduate school in the USA.  Lathan, the oldest son, is a major in the US Air National Guard after having served in USAF for 10 years during which time he was deployed for two tours in Iraq, three years in England and is presently living and working in Washington, D.C.  Richard, the second son, is a major in the USMC Reserves after having served 10 years of active duty.  Rachel, the only daughter and Richard’s twin, has completed her Masters Degree in Communications at University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, FL, and is married to Trevor Conklin, a Captain in the US Army Reserves.

The Turners are now reaching out with the gospel to indigenous tribes in remote areas. This outreach includes Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and the Amazon Basin (Colombia, Peru and Brazil).  Continue to pray for these new opportunities of evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting.

Those who have been saved are so thankful that the gospel reached them and changed their lives. Families have been restored, alcoholics have been delivered, children now have Christian homes, and old people have found Christ before their death. Obviously, the devil doesn’t take this with arms folded. He seeks to disrupt, deceive, and destroy. But God gives the victory! “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.”