Retaliation or Resolution

By Lynn Turner

I sometimes wonder when I am teaching if it is actually hitting the mark. The ladies whom I teach are timid; they don’t make eye contact with the teacher during teaching. It  takes time for them to build up courage to speak their mind.

In a recent seminar we studied 10 different women in the Bible. We studied and contrasted two different ladies each day – one that made good decisions and one who made wrong decisions and how the decisions impacted their lives.

It was amazing to watch flickers of understanding. Even though they may have heard or read the Bible stories, they had never thought about how the same principles could apply to their own lives.

After each class I asked for comments and/or questions. Very few spoke up. They were digesting what we had studied. After the last class, Ángela (name changed) asked to talk to me. She said that the class had impacted her life. By her own admission, she is a person who holds a grudge and will take nothing without reprisal. In one of our studies we saw that vengeance is of the Lord, and we should forgive and wait for the Lord to defend us. This is the story of how she is putting that into practice in her own life.

“My son’s teacher sent a note from school saying that he had done something wrong. It made me mad. When I asked my son about it, he confessed that he had committed the wrong. I wanted to go directly to the school, fight the teacher, and defend my son. I decided to pray about the situation and wait. The next day I went to the school to see the teacher. When I walked into the room, I immediately showed her the note and admitted that my son was guilty and apologized for his bad behavior. The teacher was completely taken aback. She expected a fight from me, and in the past, that is what she would have gotten – a fight! However, this time she was disarmed, and we had a good conversation. I even had a chance to witness to her, and she asked me for a Bible.

Even though he was in the wrong, Ángela’s first reaction was to support her son and defend him. However, by obeying a Biblical principle, she taught her son a lesson. He had to pay for his wrongdoing, and she also received the reward of opening his teacher’s heart to the gospel. What a difference it makes to do things God’s way! Needless to say, her testimony brightened my day. There is joy in serving Jesus!

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4 Responses to Retaliation or Resolution

  1. hoganpa1948 says:

    Thanks for sharing.  Praying for you and your mission.

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  2. Tom Goss says:


  3. Cheryl Torres says:

    What a lovely story Gods work is not always visible at first and then He blesses us with fruit.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Christa Bryson says:

    What an encouragement! Thank you for sharing.

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