“I am your Son…”

By:   Lynn Turner

Américo and Russ travelling upriver

Américo and Russ travelling upriver

“I am your son. You teach me, and I go to other villages and teach them what you teach me. I am your son”. These were the words of a village chief as he was taking us upriver to his village. As we traveled he quoted concept after concept that Russ had taught in previous seminars. I was amazed at his memory, because he could quote Russ word for word. The villages that he visits are places to which we cannot go.

Américo’s story is a unique one. “I was a drunk,” he said. “My wife accepted the Lord and would talk to me about receiving Him. “Be quiet, Woman”, I would tell her. I didn’t want to hear about God. For several years she prayed for me, but I refused to listen to her. One day I was alone in my garden patch working. I felt bad for my sins. I cleared out a patch of ground, took off all my clothes, lay down spread-eagle on the ground and cried out to God for forgiveness of my sins. He forgave me! He gave me the desire to learn more about Him and tell others the Good News. Many of my people in more remote villages only speak Emberá, so I can teach them in our language.

Américo travels from village to village with the gospel.  He has made many changes in his own village, and as a result, has faced opposition and persecution. As chief of his village, he has hindered the liquor and drug trade. This angers the bootleggers and narcos (drug traffickers), but he remains a faithful witness for Christ.

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3 Responses to “I am your Son…”

  1. Rick Wistner says:

    Russ and Lynn,
    I appreciate everything you two are doing to spread the Gospel in Latin America. I envy you and wish I could join you…that said from my hospital bed after two surgeries on my left knee this week. I traded my knee in for a 2017 model with bigger bolts and tines. This came about after a nasty fall in my garage while waxing our new truck in preparation for a week of relaxation in a 3br cottage on the beach in Disney Vero. Needless to say that didn’t happen and Lori is not happy with me! We miss you guys and maybe I can talk Lori into a resort stay in C.R.

  2. Bill Wingard says:

    Wonderful Report. Thank you. Pastor & Mrs Wingard

  3. Javier Felipe Fernandez Araya says:

    Excelente historia. Y se que Cómo este hombre muchos hemos llegado a los pies de Cristo gracias al trabajo de un gran hombre como el hermano Russ.

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