God Hears and Answers

img_4037God Hears and Answers

Isn’t it exciting when God answers our prayer in a dramatic way? Russ was teaching a seminar in Tortuga, a village several hours upriver in Darien, Panama.  The day before the seminar ended, one of the students came to Russ with a special request.

“Will you please pray for rain? It hasn’t rained in days. See all the logs and debris in the river? I have a boatload of plátano (plantain) to take downriver to sell.  Plátano is our only cash crop, and if we don’t get enough rain to raise the water level of the river so that we can travel, it will all go to waste”.

Russ bowed on his knees there by the riverbank and prayed. During the night while everyone slept, the rain started. It was a torrential rain that raised the level of the river in just a few hours. The next morning, Juan had a grin from ear to ear. Coincidence you might say.  I prefer to acknowledge a great God who answers prayer.

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2 Responses to God Hears and Answers

  1. Tom Goss says:

    Love this story of a God’s goodness and I love being able to partner with you from Tennessee. We are praying for your safety and your incredible ministry.

  2. hoganpa1948 says:

    God definitely still answers prayers 

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