Partnering with Missions

Have you ever thought about partnering with a missionary family?

God selects certain people to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to remote tribal villages and city-dwellers with different cultures. But in this very important mission, God also calls other men and women to partner with the missionary family in prayer and financial support.
Your prayers can defend that missionary family against Satan’s attacks and open the hearts of the hearers to the gospel.  Your intercession to God can provide protection against sickness and supply strength and wisdom for the battle.
Your financial help allows the missionary to buy gasoline for the river trips and food for the training seminars. Your mission offering will be used to purchase Bibles for those who have never had a Bible, and produce visuals and study materials for those who receive training. These disciples will then go to other villages and areas where the missionary cannot go.
Please consider the Turners as a possible missionary partner. Russ and Lynn have spent 36 years in Latin America. They minister in jungle lowlands and mountain highlands. They are fluent Spanish-speakers. They have won hundreds to Christ and started several churches. They have helped national pastors in founding many other churches.
Our final goal? We want to reach Latin America and the Hispanic world for Christ!  Pray about it! Perhaps God wants you to partner with us!
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  1. Carlos Alvarez says:

    Bendiciones .

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