A Flat Tire in God’s Will

After breakfast we left the hotel with two vans, 16 people, several boxes and duffles full of gifts and clothes, and a desire to serve our Lord and others, particularly in the six orphanages we were going to visit.

Twenty minutes later, a man in a car beside us made motions that we had a flat tire. “Well, the devil is already fighting,” I thought. Providentially there was a gas station just two hundred yards up the road. We pulled in, switched vans, and sent the first group on to the orphanage that we were to visit. 

I asked a couple of attendants at the station to take a look at the tire. In about 30 minutes they had dismounted it, fixed it, checked the spare, and re-mounted the repaired tire. They didn’t even want to charge me, but I gave each of them $4.00 for lunch.

Before leaving I also presented them with a Messenger, a MP3 player with 35 sermons, 30 Principles of Life, and the audio New Testament. They had never seen anything like it! They were so grateful for this gift. (This apparatus from In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, GA, has been such a blessing in our ministry in Latin America among pastors, the blind, the illiterate, believers who want to learn more of the Bible, and the unsaved. No one has refused this gift!)

One of the attendants admired the duffle bags we had and expressed the desire to obtain one.

Four days later, I stopped by the gas station and gave him a duffle bag. Wow, was he ever surprised!

He also said, “I went home that day and said to my wife, Look what a gringo gave me…a Bible!”

She replied with disdain, “A Bible?”

“Yes”, he answered, “but it is an audio Bible.”

He then told me, “My wife has listened to that Bible and the messages constantly. I hooked it up to the speakers on our sound system and she can listen to it as she does her housework!”

I am trusting that God will save both of them and many of their family members. 

Thank God for the flat tire!


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