From the Andes mountains to the Amazon jungle


During the first two weeks of June, we hiked as high as 14,500 ft. above sealevel in the Peruvian Andes. Burros and llamas carried our tents, food, Bibles and storybooks in Quechua, water filter, and projector. Each person was allowed one duffle to transport sleeping bag, clothes, and personal items. We camped at remote villages each night, showed the Jesus film, preached the gospel, and distributed Bibles to the adults and storybooks to the children. Each night I shared the gospel in the village plaza. Many people heard a clear presentation of the gospel and accepted Christ as Savior!

From July 16-29, I will be preaching and teaching in the Amazon Basin of Peru. Pastors and leaders will travel to Caballo Cocha, a village on the Amazon River, to receive Biblical training in evangelism, eschatology, church planting, the Christian family, and other doctrinal studies.Theological training by extention is the only opportunity for many servants of Christ to learn more about His Word and the ministry. Please pray for us!

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1 Response to From the Andes mountains to the Amazon jungle

  1. Miguel Harrison says:

    Russ, thank you for the visit to my wife and me in Antón. May God bless your ministry among us here in Panamá.

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