Lost in the Jungle!

Eduardo is a 14 year-old Cocama Indian boy. For the last three weeks he has been my faithful helper… carrying the pump to the river…filling the water tanks…cleaning the bathrooms…etc. His eyes shone with appreciation when I gave him a headlamp. He likes granola bars too!

Some time ago, Eduardo was lost in the jungle for two months. He just disappeared! Some woodcutters found him miles away from his home, covered in sores, his head full of worms, and his infected feet and legs full of thorns. He was like a wild animal, couldn’t talk, and had to be restrained forcefully and tied with ropes. Gradually he returned to his senses and was able to tell his story.

He had gone out in the woods to pick jungle fruit to eat. Suddenly a “hairy woman creature” appeared and captured him. This creature would control him for the next 60 days. When anyone looking for him came near, she would put her hand over his mouth, and whisper in his ear that she would kill him if he called out for help. Was this a demonic creature? I don’t know, but it certainly possessed him for two months.

When the woodcutters found him, they took him to the clinic in the nearest town where he was treated for the next several days. Communication is very difficult in the jungle, but everyone listens to the radio. The radio station sent out a message to the family that their son had been found. When the mother heard the message, she came from a distant village in the jungle to recover her son.

Rafael, an indigenous pastor who has been trained in our Bible Institute, had recently moved to this village (Limonero) to preach the gospel and begin a church. Eduardo became his friend and soon accepted Christ as his Savior. Now they say that Eduardo is like a tick on a dog…he goes everywhere Pastor Rafael goes.

During this week of seminary training, we had a three-man medical team from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The dentist had his hands full with much dental work. Many indigenous people need extensive dental care.

I insisted that Eduardo allow the dentist to examine his teeth. His teeth were so bad that the dentist had to pull ten of them at once. He will need more dental attention after his gums heal. In two months we will take him to the dentist in a nearby town to have him fitted for dentures. I need to raise $500 to pay for these dentures.

I am going to invest my life and time in this boy…he will be a great Cocama leader for the glory of Jesus Christ. Please partner with me in this dental cost and let’s develop this boy for Christ!

Any donation can be earmarked “Dental Project” and sent directly to:

Global Faith Mission Agency, PO Box 3326, Chattanooga, TN  37404                              Phone:  423-702-5811, www.globalfaithmission.org

Or you may go to our website to donate online: www.ReachLatinAmerica.com

Thank you for partnering with us!


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