(Reynerio is an Indigenous pastor in the Amazon region.)
Reynerio’s son, Rey, went up the path to the little store to buy sugar. It was almost dark and he forgot to bring the flashight. Walking back to the house, he felt something bite his foot. He arrived back home in a few minutes, but didn’t say anything about the bite. Thirty minutes later he suddenly put his hands to his head and let out a deep moan. His father asked him what was wrong. He told him that something had bitten him on the trail. It looked like a scratch on his foot. They took him to the local medicine man in the village who had simple medicines like aspirin, etc. He said that it was only a spider bite and gave him some acetaminaphen.
The next morning the young man was spitting blood and aching severely. They carried him to the canoe and went upriver to the closest clinic two hours away. The doctor examined him and said a snake had bitten him but the fang had only scratched his foot rather than penetrating and leaving two fang marks. Rey was in the hospital for a week on IV but recovered from this ordeal. A flashlight is a very valued possession among the tribal people. It is one of the best gifts that I can give them!
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