Tribal Pow-Wow

Tribal Pow-wowIMG_5330

What a privilege! I am writing this article while sitting in the council meeting of pastors and leaders of the Amazon indigenous church who are determined to organize themselves Biblically. We are in the village of Macedonia located on the banks of the Amazon River.
Each leader gives his affirmative vote to unite and join forces with the other villages and tribes. Each is given the opportunity to express himself. One in particular is a schoolteacher in Macedonia who can go on and on to the point that the others start to get restless. But they respect him because of his age and let him talk.
There are several tribes represented in this meeting…Tikuna, Cocama, Huitoto, Yagua, and Bora. The tribal people prefer to sit in a circle rather than in rows of seats. There is equality in the circle. Pastor Eli Tikuna is a great leader and speaks with encouraging words. Lolo Yanze, the Cocama leader, stands by his side with support and encouragement.
After everyone has spoken in the circle, they allow me to speak. I express my appreciation for being allowed to sit in their meeting and explain that any photos taken are simply for the purpose of sharing with others how God is working among the tribal people of the Amazon. A picture is worth a thousand words…my eye affects my heart!
I thank God for the opportunity to work with my indigenous brothers in sharing God’s story with those who haven’t heard.
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