July Newsletter

July 2013

Dear Friends,

I am traveling to the Amazon Basin today (July 2-12) to participate in a youth conference for the indigenous tribes of Amazonia. We are expecting upwards of 500 young people for this conference. I will be preaching and teaching on subjects like ¨Salvation – The Gift of God¨, ¨Basic Steps for a New Believer¨, ¨What does the Bible say about Future Events¨, and ¨How Can I Tell Others About Christ¨.

Please pray for our safety and health. Pray that God will touch the hearts of the hearers. Pray that these young people will be challenged to reach the many villages that we can´t reach.

I will be taking a new solar-powered projector to leave with one of the Indian pastors. We have preloaded a number of Christian films that will share the truths of the gospel to the viewers. This pastor will visit many villages with the projector, show the films, preach a simple salvation message, give an invitation to repent and receive Jesus Christ as Savior, and then leave an audio Bible in the hands of a responsible villager so that they can continue to hear God´s Word. Please pray that this effort will result in many souls saved.

I always go with my bags full and come back empty. I fill my duffle bag with items they can’t obtain—gospels of John in Spanish or Portuguese, eye glasses (most needed from 1.00 to 2.00), crayons, colored pencils, coloring books about Jesus, magic markers, stickers, pocket calculators, small packets of peanut butter, and the most sought-after gift—headlamps and flashlights! Perhaps you would like to fill a small box with these items and mail it to our furlough address.

Thank you for continuing to support and sponsor our ministry. God uses you to make it possible for us to share the gospel with the unreached. Our Facebook page is: Russ and Lynn Turner – Latin America.  From many jungle tribes, our brothers and sisters in Christ send a big thank you for your part in sharing the gospel with them.

Working together for Christ,

Russ Turner

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