February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

During our recent trip to Costa Rica and Panama, God did some wonderful things in the hearts of the Cuna and Emberá people.  These people are really concerned about sharing the gospel with the unreached villages of their tribe. Throughout the Future Events conference they asked many questions in order to better understand the coming of our Lord and how this should motivate us to evangelize the lost.  During the meetings, four young people were saved, and many others made decisions of reconciliation and rededication to the Lord.  God’s Word is alive and powerful!

Lynn was a real blessing to the Indian ladies.  Through her presence, these dear ladies opened their hearts to the Lord and their homes to us.  She was able to minister to them in ways that are beyond a man’s ability. They invited us to eat in their homes each day—a very simple meal in a very humble home.  Usually it was just bananas or plaintain with perhaps an egg and a piece of chicken or pork.  It was always a great time of fellowship!

In January, the Lord allowed us to buy the gasoline ($250) for the Cocama pastor to go upriver and bring several people to the evangelistic seminar in Saboneche.  A young couple from the Yagua tribe came and were converted to Christ.  During their stay at the Bible Institute, the 16-year old wife went into labor, but the baby was in breach position.  Thankfully, a midwife from a nearby village was able to reposition the baby in the womb, allowing it to be born.  Both mother and baby survived!  This couple has received basic training in the Scriptures and has gone back to their village to be a witness for Christ!

God answered prayer in allowing me to obtain a 10-year, multiple-entry visa for Brazil.  In March, I will return to Amazonas to teach in the pastors’ school for two weeks.  Tribal pastors from the Ticuna, Cocama, Mayuruna, Matses, and Yagua tribes will attend this seminar.  Then I will travel upriver to the Cocama villages in the Javari Valley to evangelize the unsaved and disciple new believers.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for the ministry that God has given us!

Working together for Christ,


Russ Turner


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1 Response to February 2013 Newsletter

  1. Ken says:

    Such an inspiration, and blessing to those you come in contact with, both in the jungles and third world and here in Soddy Daisy. You remain in our regular prayers. God bless!

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