Fiesta de San Juan (St. John’s Day)

Fiesta de San Juan (St. John’s Day)
During my recent trip to Amazonia, I learned that the tribal people of the Peruvian jungle celebrate the day of June 24 in commemoration of John the Baptist (Juan el Bautista). They go to the river and bathe on the night of June 23 because the water has supposedly been blessed and they will receive special blessing or healing by honoring the Baptizer John.
The next day they will have a great fiesta with a special food called “juane”, which is chicken and rice wrapped up in a banana leaf and cooked. This round wrap resembles the shape of a head, commemorating the decapitation of John the Baptist by Herod the king. This fiesta is a time of great debauchery, drunkenness, and sexual impropriety.
I encouraged the Indian pastors to take advantage of this time and preach Biblical truth about John the Baptist. He was decapitated because of Herod’s drunkenness and his stepdaughter’s lewdness. Instead of allowing this celebration to become a time of unbridled revelry, they should use this time to encourage their people to repent and seek the face of God as John the Baptist preached.
One young man told how his pastor would herd the youth of the church into the building and then hang his hammock in the doorway of the church to prevent the young people from escaping and participating in the night’s revelry. But after the pastor was asleep, more than one would crawl on his knees underneath the pastor’s hammock and escape to answer sin’s call.
This is just another example of how the “great deceiver” has perverted a Biblical story and used it to his advantage. Truly, he is the god of this age blinding men to the light of the gospel of Christ! We will continue to evangelize and preach the gospel so that others may have eternal life through Jesus Christ!

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