Don’t Get Ahead of God!

Don’t Get Ahead of God!

Deut. 3:23 – At that time (Moses) begged the Lord: …Please let me cross over and see the beautiful land on the other side of the Jordan…But the Lord was angry with me on account of you and would not listen to me. The Lord said to me, “That’s enough! Do not speak to Me again about this matter…But commission Joshua and encourage and strengthen him, for he will cross over ahead of the people and enable them to inherit this land…”

At the beginning of the wilderness journey, God had commanded Moses to strike the rock and water would come forth. Many years later, Israel again needed water and God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would come forth again. But Moses in anger struck the rock, thus disobeying God and destroying the symbolism that the rock represented. I Cor. 10:4 – For they drank from a spiritual rock…and that Rock was Christ. Jesus was struck once (crucified), but He will not be struck again! Moses got ahead of God, disobeyed His command, and suffered the consequences. He wasn’t allowed to enter the promised land.

I recently heard a pastor tell the story of an Austrian prince who climbed a high mountain in the Alps. During the ascent he was roped to his guide and made it safely to the top. Elated with his success, he demanded that the guide loose him from the safety rope for the descent, stating that he felt bound and limited. The guide cautioned that this would not be wise because safety is as important for the descent as for the ascent. But the prince insisted on being disconnected from the safety line. In his ignorance, he advanced ahead of the guide, slipped on a treacherous, icy slope, and fell to his death!

I continually fight the tendency to be impulsive and ignore our Guide’s leading. He knows the way and has the perfect plan and timing for our lives. As I pondered this, I prayed, “Father, help me not to get ahead of you nor lag behind. Help me to walk step by step, connected to You, guided by You, obedient to You.” That is the place of safety and blessing!

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