October 2011 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for us as we ministered in Panama among four different indigenous groups. God has opened the door for us to expand our ministry to these needy villages. In every place, we received an open invitation to return and teach more of God’s Word! We are developing and printing more studies for the pastors and workers among the Embera, Kuna, Guaymi, y Wounan peoples. We are planning several trips to Panama right after the New Year.

One of our national missionaries in Panama, Alex Taylor, has had to undergo eye surgery for glaucoma. The doctors told him to have the surgery now or he would soon be blind. This operation represents a cost of $4,800. Our church in San Ramon received an offering last Sunday in the amount of $800 and sent it for this need. We would greatly appreciate any help that you may give toward this need and will make sure that it is applied to these medical costs. If God directs you to help us in this, please send it to our account at BIMI (for eye operation).

The Bible Institute classes in Aguas Zarcas and Sarchi, Costa Rica were well attended this past semester. Pastors and workers continue to further their preparation in order to be better servants of God. We have presented several seminars in the last few weeks as well, covering themes such as Homiletics, Finances, and Youth Ministries.

The “regions beyond” are still waiting to be reached with the gospel! Thank you for making it possible for us to minister in Latin America and take the “water of life” to thirsty souls! We express our thanks to God for those of you who have responded in recent days, giving extra offerings toward special needs. I assure you that these funds are properly used and channeled into the ministry of the gospel!

Working together for Christ,
Russ and Lynn Turner

About Jason Sneed

Husband, father, worship leader but most of all a God follower! I have the privilege to lead people to worship our Lord and Savior every week!
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