October 2009 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

According to Wikipedia, San Ramon, Costa Rica now has a population of 155,861 people. The town has doubled in size since we moved there and started Calvary Baptist Church, the only Baptist church in town. We are so thankful for the opportunity to witness and win souls for our Lord in that area.

Calvary Baptist Church has served as the catalyst for the formation of several mission churches. Recently we sent $800 to put the roof on a new jungle church in Girasoles. We sent $500 to finish the roof of another church in Betania. We sent $200 to build benches for the new church in Aguas Zarcas. These churches are pastored by Costa Rican men who have answered God’s call to preach the gospel.

Our church recently hosted a Sunday School Seminar with 23 excited workers in attendance. Most of these were new candidates for service in Sunday School and Bible clubs. Please pray for national pastors and workers. Pray for the conferences that we promote that they may be an encouragement and a source of learning for these eager servants of the Lord. Pray for our health and strength to continue in evangelistic outreach to those who haven’t heard the gospel. As God supplies, we continue to be a channel to help establish and build new churches and supply the needs for benches, songbooks, Bibles, Sunday School literature and tracts.

There are many homes, villages, and towns that need a gospel witness who can tell them that salvation is truly by the grace of God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. How shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent?  Several supporters have sent special offerings, both large and small, to help in the ministry. Thank you for your sacrifice. We channel these funds directly into the formation and development of Bible-preaching, local churches.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support to us and our ministry.

Working together for Christ,

Russ and Lynn Turner

About Jason Sneed

Husband, father, worship leader but most of all a God follower! I have the privilege to lead people to worship our Lord and Savior every week!
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