April 2010 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for Rachel, our daughter, during these past two months. She has been in Haiti since the earthquake, and has seen the protective hand of God in her life numerous times in the very cradle of voodoo. May we never forget that the angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him and delivers them!

Recently I was preaching in the south zone of Costa Rica. As I traveled a dirt road through the jungle, a man flagged me down and asked me to carry him to the next village. His wife had gone into labor and he wanted to take her to the hospital. (Even in the jungle, we find cell phones!) As we hurried toward his village, I began to witness to him. I told him that it was no coincidence that his wife had gone into labor at this time, that he had come out to the road at that moment, and that I happened to be driving by—this was ordained by God so that he could be saved. A few minutes later I pulled off the road and Joel bowed his head and received Christ as Savior!

Last week, Lynn and I were in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. I had previously given literature to the manager of the small hotel in that area. On this trip, I had the opportunity to sit down with him and explain the plan of salvation. Luis readily accepted Christ as Savior! What a joy to see a person pass from death unto life and become a child of God!

During the month of March, the Los Corales Baptist Church in Limon, which we founded in 1981, celebrated their 29th anniversary. Calvary Baptist Church in San Ramon, which we founded in 1985, celebrated their 25th anniversary. What an encouragement to see these churches thrive and work for God! The mission churches and preaching points which have sprung out of these churches are growing as well! Just two weeks ago, I baptized eleven new believers!

Lynn and I are so thankful for your prayers and support for us. You make it possible for us to serve the Lord in Costa Rica. Thank you for extra offerings that are sent from time to time. These funds are properly directed to further the ministry of Christ—building churches, buying literature, helping national pastors, and providing instruction in Bible Institutes to new workers.

We are praying for you (churches, pastors, and individuals) as difficult financial times have come to all. Our Heavenly Father loves His children and will provide for our needs!

Look around the rest of this site to read more information about our ministry in Costa Rica.

Working together for Christ,
Russ and Lynn Turner

About Jason Sneed

Husband, father, worship leader but most of all a God follower! I have the privilege to lead people to worship our Lord and Savior every week!
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